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Doja Cat is having fun with rumors claiming she joined the Illuminati

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Doja Cat previously explained she takes pleasure in trolling people online, and her latest scheme is jumping in on the rumor she’s a member of the Illuminati.

Some people believe the singer has joined the mythical secret society. There’s a conspiracy theory claiming the Illuminati is made up of singers, actors, politicians and the wealthy who either secretly control the world or are pushing for a so-called “new world order.”

When Doja caught wind of conspiracy theorists speculating she joined the cult, she jumped right on it. 

“This illuminati s*** is so funny to me I’m gonna keep doing deliberate weird a** s*** just to make those people uncomfortable,” she tweeted. “I [for real] found a new outlet of joy.”

She followed up with, “playing with people’s ignorance and stupidity for my own happiness and personal gain.”

When a fan encouraged Doja to get a tattoo of the Illuminati symbol, she responded, “dude I f***in will watch me.”

Others also celebrated the conspiracy theory, as one fan declared, “you know you’ve made it when the illuminati allegations start.”

But, some followers took that as a confession that the singer is indeed a member of the Illuminati. Some brought up past instances that seemingly fueled the theory, such as one fan pointing out, “You literally had an eyes wide shut theme for your birthday.”

Moviegoers believe the masked society featured in the 1999 film was an allegory for the Illuminati. Doja’s 27th birthday party encouraged people to show up in masks, and the cake included an “All Seeing Eye” symbol on it.

Doja fired back, “i know cuz that movie rocks and its the best party theme ever.”

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