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Glass Animals get ready to cry as they launch their “most bonkers” tour ever

Credit: Jennifer McCord

After releasing their album Dreamland over a year ago, Glass Animals is finally getting the chance to tour behind it. Their Dreamland tour kicks off tonight in Lewiston, NY — and frontman Dave Bailey says fans can have fun looking at their “bonkers” stage, and predicts he’ll spend some of the night “crying a little bit.”

Describing what fans can expect visually, Dave tells ABC Audio, “There’s Dreamland visuals, there’s giant palm trees, there’s floating neon signs and cereal bowls, and there’s a giant swimming pool.” He laughs, “It’s quite mad. It’s definitely the most bonkers stage design we’ve ever done!”

Between headlining shows, the “Heat Waves” group will also be playing festivals like Bonnaroo, Life Is Beautiful and Outside Lands, though Dave says those shows, like, their headlining shows, will be all about reading the room.

“We try to keep festival shows fun, but honestly, we really react to the crowd, at any show that we’re doing — be it a headline show or a  festival show, you have to look at the crowd and see how they’re feeling,” Dave explains. “…[I]f it’s like 6:00 in the afternoon and everyone’s pretty chill, then you can play things a bit slower, and maybe turn the ambient stuff up. Or if people are dancing and a dance artist has played before you, turn the drums up…have a total party.”

But Dave says one major highlight of tonight’s opening show will be seeing a live crowd react to “Heat Waves” — which is something he and the band haven’t really gotten to experience since it became a massive hit in the past year.

In fact, Dave admits, “I think I’ll probably end up crying a little bit.” 

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