Jameela Jamil hilariously reveals she hasn’t been wearing pants to any of her Zoom meetings

Jameela Jamil hilariously reveals she hasn't been wearing pants to any of her Zoom meetings

ABC Image Group/LA(LOS ANGELES) — Leave it to Jameela Jamil to say it’s okay to not put any pants on now that the world is staying safely at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  The Good Place actress cheekily showed off how quarantine life has affected her wardrobe — even when it comes to conducting important interviews and meetings.

“If you think I’m dressing from the waist down for zoom meetings then you must be drunk,” Jamil cracked on her Instagram Sunday while uploading a video as evidence.

The video starts with the comedian being pressed on what she’s up to, to which she calmly explains, “I’m about to talk to Harvard.  Live.  On Livestream.”

When her wardrobe is praised, Jameela, who is wearing an “I [love] New York” tee shirt with a red and black blazer, hops up on her seat to show off that’s all she’s has on — opting to skip the pants and shoes entirely. 

What’s even funnier, besides the fact that the 34-year-old is perfectly made up from the waist up for her very important meeting, the video shows that she also touched up the area that would also be featured in the frame.

However, the space that wouldn’t be seen on camera — such as the front of her laptop — is a disaster, as is the area off to her left.  

As most of the world is asked to work from home, most meetings and classes have been moved to online platforms like Zoom, which hosts multiple people and allows video and audio chat features. 

Thanks to Jameel, however, it just shows that just because a person may look put together and has a clean house on camera, what lies just out of frame might be a completely different story. 

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