Jane Fonda shows off her impressive “9 To 5” daily routine while in quarantine

Jane Fonda shows off her impressive "9 To 5" daily routine while in quarantine

ABC/Craig Sjodin(LOS ANGELES) — For many Americans, just rolling out of bed and drinking coffee is a major feat during COVID-19.  But for Jane Fonda, she is making every second count while in quarantine.

On Tuesday, the Grace and Frankie star showed fans just how she stays mentally and physically sharp every day in a new TikTok video to the tune of Dolly Parton’s “9 To 5.”

The 82-year-old actress looks fabulous in a red robe as a loud alarm blasts her out of bed, to which she throws on a pair of sunglasses and whisks her small white dog away to the kitchen.  

There, Fonda — now wearing workout clothes bearing her name — pours herself a some expresso into a personalized mug that hilariously displays her 1970s mug shot.  “Mug shot makes a good mug shot,” Fonda quips in a caption before rushing off to do some squats.

“I did these squats in jail,” the two-time Oscar winner snarks in another narration as she uses a large tennis ball to maintain her posture.

After her workout, she grabs her dog again to read the local newspaper and stews over climate change before throwing on her signature red trench coat to host a Zoom call.  

The Zoom call is the highlight of her slice-of-life video, showing that she’s chatting with members of Green Peace for her Fire Drill Fridays. “Teamwork makes the dream work,” she writes as the camera pans to the numerous faces joining her.

Of course, when it hits five o’clock, it’s martini time.  But, a minute later, the 82-year-old is passed out at her laptop with an empty glass next to her.  “Work hard,” captions Fonda. “Play hard.”

She then encourages fans to text “Jane” to 877 877 to help her “save the climate.”

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