John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ featured a virtual prom, Billie Eilish, and a word from “weatherman” Brad Pitt

John Krasinski's 'Some Good News' featured a virtual prom, Billie Eilish, and a word from "weatherman" Brad Pitt

ABC/Paula Lobo(LOS ANGELES) — In the latest installment of his homemade news show Some Good News, John Krasinski really flaunted some star power, from The Office star Rainn Wilson and Chance the Rapper, and performances from Billie and Finneas Eilish and The Jonas Brothers via remote. Oh, and there also was a word on the weather, from none other than Brad Pitt. 

The new show, posted on YouTube, featured more uplifting stories amid the COVID-19 pandemic, including Krasinski himself throwing a “virtual prom” for high schoolers trapped at home in the days of social distancing. The show also hailed delivery people, and people from Italy using long reeds to clink glasses from apartment balcony to balcony.

The one-man Some Good News team also highlighted NASA’s achievements, with a segment that actually took place on board the International Space Station.

Krasinski needed a breather, so he tossed to their weather department — which was Brad Pitt sticking his face out his door and saying of the weather: “Looks ah, looks pretty good. Yeah.”

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