Need A Taco Bell Nacho (Encanto Parody) | Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Happy 60th Birthday @Taco Bell! Instead of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from “Encanto” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Need A Taco Bell Nacho!”

When the Craving’s too Much Oh, No No No!
Need a Taco Bell NACHO!

Cuz, It was a Saturday (Regular Saturday)
Sippin on Natty, as we Partied Til Late in the Night…
(Think I Cried with some Guy?)
Heard Grumblin’, from my Stomach, within! (HUNGER!!)
That means it’s Quesarito Time!
(Gotta get that Fourth Meal, On!)

Just Like Zombies Lookin For BRAINS! (Somebody feed us!)
Eight Dudes in a Kia Forte! (Give us the Gorditas!)
20 Cars ahead of Me!?!?
(Keep Fighting through the Hunger Pangs!))

Drive-Thru’s moving’ Too SLOW! OH NO NO NO!
Where is the Pick up Window!?!?!

Starin’ at the Menu got me Mutterin’ and Mumbling,
Whatever I get, I know I better get a Dozen,
Maybe 2 of those, and 3 of These, and 10 of that!
… yum, yum, yum…

Dreamin’ of the tacos, that I’m gonna be Tonguing,
Reaching out to FEMA, cuz my Mouth has started Floodin’,
Even if the Nacho Cheese drips down my Pants
Yea, I’d Still Lick That

Park Right Away, and Tear into the BAG!
Like it’s Black Friday, We’re Fighting over crap,
Don’t ya stand, Between
Me and Crunchwrap Supremes… OR

I’ll Go “Doritos Loco” on you Bro!
Ring Your Bell, Like the Logo!

I got a “Fire Sauce” tattoo, right on my… CHEST! (WHOA NO!)

I Treat my Burritos, Better than my Pets!!!, (Oh No!)

When I Make Love I Scream “Chalupa!” in Bed! (Oh No!)

LIVE MAS’ Tonight….. Tomorrow, No Regrets!

ABC’s… Avocado, Beans & Cheese!
Are the Flavors that tickle my Mind…
I Don’t Care, if the Meat inside there
Is Real Beef, or just some Pinkish Slime?
(Stuff that GORDITA in My Face)

Ruin me with that extra Sour Cream, and Clog All my Arteries,
Cuz I’m Willing to Suffer (I Think I Taste it now)
Not Pregnant! (I Think I Taste it now!)
SO then WHY am I EATING for two!?? (I can Taste it Now!)

Mmmmm, Tacos…
…. I Really want a Hard Taco…
Wrapped inside another Soft Taco…
Screw it better make it a, COMBO!
(Hey, Chipotle, Get Outta here)

Take a Bite,… You’ll KEEP on Comin Back… (Live Mas)
Cuz that Nacho Dip’s, more Powerful than CRACK… (Mild Sauce)
Now Gas is Steep, Here you get it Super Cheap…(GRUMBLE!!!)

(Pre-Call my Plumber Just in CASE)

They will come from miles away, (on-the Marijuana)
Mexican Food on their Brain! (Where’s the talking Chihuahua?
Say YO QUIERO Everything!

When the Hunger’s too Much OH, whoa whoa whoa…
Need a Taco Bell NACHO!!!