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NEW MUSIC MONDAY – Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Kehlani and MORE!

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Created by Natalie Melendez

If you are looking for a Monday pick-me-up, here are the top 5 NEWEST songs from last week that you may have missed.

1. Stuck with U – Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber

When Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber went to social media to promote their new single, fans were shook! Both Bieber and Grande have some of the strongest vocals in mainstream music today. After chatting with my friends we all agreed that this song would be poppy and upbeat. When I first put my headphones on and listened to it, I was quite surprised that it was a slow song. However, with the simplistic and reserved sound, both the singers were able to show off their amazing vocal ranges. When listening to the lyrics, this song can hold many meanings. The lyrics lament being quarantined with someone you love, a friend or family member. The music video displayed that message perfectly plus, all the net worth and proceeds the video gains will be donated to First Responders Children’s Foundation. The foundation specializes in helping people who are on the front lines fighting against coronavirus.

2. Can I –  Kehlani ft. Tory Lanez

Kehlani dropped her newest album titled It Was Good Until It Wasn’t on Friday. This album shows her growth through her endeavors of womanhood. “Who [fans] were listening to and rocked with at 19 is a completely different girl than who they’re experiencing at 25,” she says. This song emulates the push and pull feeling that occurs in every relationship. Kehlani’s melodic voice combined with her typical slow R&B sound makes this a very cohesive album. With Kehlani and Tory Lanez’s voices combining on this track, it is one you don’t want to miss.

3. Eleven – Khalid ft. Summer Walker

Khalid gets deep in his feelings in his new single featuring Summer Walker. The lyrics tell the story of Khalid checking out his crush in the passenger seat of his car:  “Late at night, eleven, we’re cruisin’/Lately, I’ve been watchin’ your movements/If I’m the only one that you’re choosin’/Am I your favorite drug you’ve been usin’?”. Summer Walker and Khalid’s voice complement each other well, however, their personalities could not be more opposite. Khalid radiates positivity and happiness in his music, while Summer Walker’s music is darker and very personal. So if this single sets the tone for his upcoming untitled album, I am really looking forward to it dropping.

4. Comeback – JoJo ft. Tory Lanez & 30 Roc

After a very long dispute with her previous record label, the Leave (Get Out) singer makes her music debut in nearly 10 years via Clover Music with her new album Good To Know. The album immediately sets a definite vibe, making me excited for this new chapter of JoJo’s music endeavors. She illuminates woman-hood, confidence, and sex appeal in her song “Comeback”, which is definitely a fitting title for her comeback to commercial music. JoJo’s voice alongside Tory Lanez’s voice creates a sensual song that shows she is no longer the little girl everyone knew her as in early-2000’s. She is set to begin her tour supporting the album November 2020! I am so excited for her! She is so talented and deserves it!

5. Introspection – UMI

This up and coming artist is someone you need in your music library! Tierra Umi Wilson, better known as UMI, is a neo-soul and R&B musician living in Los Angeles, but originally from Seattle. UMI music radiates good vibes, spiritual healing, and positivity. UMI has always stated that she “hopes to keep her thoughtful and intentional approach to creating her work”. UMI has slowly been building her following since high school through her covers on YoutTube and Soundcloud, but recently is starting to arise at the forefront. Take a listen to her newest single “Introspection” here!

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