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NEW MUSIC MONDAY – Travis Scott, Drake, Doja Cat and more!

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Created by Natalie Melendez

If you are looking for a Monday pick-me-up, here are the top 5 NEW songs from last week that you may have missed.

1. The Scotts – Travis Scott & Kid Cudi

Travis Scott and Kid Cudi team up to release their first song from their rap group The Scotts. This song was described as “a symbolic passing of the torch” for Scott’s huge admiration for Kid Cudi’s musical influence in his life. This song definitely lived up to the huge hype because, of its Fortnite streaming release, the virtual performance held in-game received over 24.4 million views! It has become a huge success thus far and I am looking forward to more releases from the hip-hop duo.

2. Say So (Remix) – Doja Cat ft. Nicki Minaj

The popular “Tik Tok” dance song became Doja Cat’s first #1 radio single. To put a different spin on the popular song, Nicki Minaj hopped in to give this funky, eclectic song a hip-hop twist. Doja Cat has stated that she draws a lot of inspiration from the 70’s funk band Earth, Wind & Fire, so its fun to see this modern-day twist on an already modern song! It is great to see Doja Cat grow in her career and collaborate with big artists.

3. When To Say When & Chicago Freestyle – Drake

Even though Drake dropped the YouTube video for this song 2 months ago, it was included in Drake’s recent mixtape titled Dark Lane Demo Tapes, released Friday. Early on, Drake established the sound of this mixtape and due to that songs flow together in the whole album to make one cohesive project. Drake is expecting to release his forthcoming album this summer so I can’t wait to hear what the new project will offer.

4. Savage (Remix) – Megan Thee Stallion ft. Beyonce

The queen has arrived! Queen Bey hopped on this already fire track by Megan Thee Stallion. The two Houston natives come together to create a boss-lady type of anthem. The original song became a HUGE success due to the video app Tik Tok, when millions of content creators came together to form an easy to learn dance for this song. Megan Thee Stallion already killed it with the original version, so adding a powerhouse legend like Beyonce to the track makes this song a “hot girl” anthem.

5. PERFECT IS BORING – Leven Kali ft. Ty Dolla Sign

Born in the Netherlands and raised in SoCal, Leven Kali is an up and coming artist that needs to be in your music library! At only 23 years old, Kali has bridged the gap between multiple genres and generations of music that creates a nostalgic and reminiscent sound. Kali and rapper Ty Dolla Sign, teamed up to create this easy-listening to track. This single made Kali’s recently released album HIGH TIDE, which was released on Friday. The single fits into the album perfectly, creating a cohesive-sounding project.

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