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NEW MUSIC RECAP – Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Nick Jonas and MORE!

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Created by Natalie Melendez

If you are looking for a Monday pick-me-up, here are the top 5 NEWEST songs from last week that you may have missed.

1. Rain On Me – Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande

This highly anticipated collab is finally here! Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande dropped their new single, “Rain On Me”, on Friday. Since its release, everyone has been gossiping about it. The two popstars joined forces to create a song reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s iconic music from the late 2000s. From Gaga’s outstanding vocals to the spoken word featured in the track, this song is for all Lady Gaga fans. On top of that, Ariana Grande has been KILLING IT with the collabs lately. From her collab with Justin Bieber on “Stuck With U” to her collab with Lady Gaga, she has made it clear that she is here to stay. The music video conjures up Britney Spears “Oops!… I Did It Again” vibes from the dancing to the galactic space setting. This song is going to be a hit and make it high on the Billboard Charts.

2. In Your Eyes (Remix) – The Weeknd ft. Doja Cat

The Weeknd’s song “In Your Eyes” off his recent studio album After Hours, has already achieved widespread radio success. With the already popular and eclectic song, when he announced that a remix was going to be released with Doja Cat, I was very hesitant with how this collab would come out. I was pleasantly surprised as the remix features her soft and sweet vocals complementing the Weeknd’s voice very well. Doja Cat’s feature on this song made it better than the original. The only thing I had wished to hear in the song was them harmonizing or singing the chorus together. I would have really enjoyed seeing how their voices would sound together, overall I really enjoyed this song!

3. Until We Meet Again – Nick Jonas

For the season finale on The Voice, Nick Jonas performed this emotional song Until We Meet Again. From the video to the lyrics, Jonas clearly dedicated this song to all the amazing medical professionals fighting COVID-19 on the front lines. Nick Jonas achieved huge mainstream success in his solo endeavors after leaving the Jonas Brothers. From an incredibly early age, Nick Jonas showed his artistic ability in songwriting, instrumentation, and vocalization. Jonas’s vocals in this song are literally insane. His vocal runs are flawless and the overall performance is beautiful. His wife, Priyanka Chopra, filmed this video which beautifully highlights real medical workers as well as her husband. This a song that people are going to always reflect back to because this is such a prominent time in history. Having a song that can bring people peace in times of chaos will be timeless.

4. Free Porn Cheap Drugs – G-Easy

When G-Eazy dropped his new song “Free Porn, Cheap Drugs” on Thursday, it left listeners confused and stunned. The song and music video is not something that’s not familiar to what he typically released. G-Eazy has widely established his self as a rapper. He has collaborated with huge hip-hop names in music, so when G-Eazy released this indie rock song, his listeners and the internet did not know how to react. Leading up to the release, G-Eazy was teasing the release via Instagram saying that this will be a new chapter in his life and career. This chapter is definitely new for fans who have associated him as a hip-hop artist, but the reception of the song has been positive and fans are LOVING this new chapter of G-Eazy’s career.

5. Long Beach – Kota The Friend, Hello O’shay, Alex Banin

NYC-based rapper Kota The Friend is an artist you need to know about. Showing interest and love for hip-hop at an early age, Kota joined his school’s music program and excelled as a trumpet player. When high school came around, Kota, who became the band’s trumpet section leader, also worked hard to learn to play the guitar, keyboard, and bass. This ultimately led him to his interest in beat making. Kota picked up two-weekend jobs so he could save up to build an at-home recording studio. During his time at Five Towns College, where he was studying the trumpet, he met an R&B singer and rapper, leading to the start of a neo-soul group. Kota released his sophomore album Everything on Friday and, for me, it is perfect music for the upcoming summer as it brings happiness and good vibes.