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Nordstrom Sews Over 100,000 Face Masks For Healthcare Workers

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - February 5, 2020: The Logo Of The Nord
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Nordstrom has announced that their altercation team has sewed more than 100,000 facemasks for the health care workers that are putting their lives on the line for people who have fallen victim of Coronavirus.

Their altercation teams are located in Washington, Oregon, California, and Texas.

Washington state received 500 ventilators, 1,200 gowns, 500,000 n95 masks and 130,000 surgical masks from the federal government, but health officials said they will need more protective personal equipment to keep up with the rising share of infected patients.

Governor Jay Inslee called on the federal government Thursday to oversee a nationwide effort to manufacture large amounts of personal protective equipment. – Komo News

Nordstrom temporarily closed all its US and Canada stores to slow the spread of Covid-19