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PODCAST: Brooke Saves The Holidays


Are you preparing for your first virtual holiday? Don’t worry! Brooke has you covered… She took it upon herself to come up with a few things that can spice up things while we’re celebrating apart this year.

Here’s her list for ways to make this Thanksgiving Memorable:

Virtually Pie Crust Lesson (Night or two before) with Grandma

Grandma walks us through making the world’s best pie crust.

Recipe Swap 

Two options here: Either we each pick one recipe to give to one other family that they have to make and add in to their dinner.


We all do one recipe that is the same so we are all eating one dish that is exactly the same.

Morning Scavenger Hunt 

Every family has the same list. First to report with all items in hands…wins! Prizes awarded for best team name and outfit and for first place!

Kids Craft Time (sometime during the day)

The Grandparents do an art project with the kids virtually. We can order whatever they need from a craft store.

Toasts & Jokes 

Everyone has to come up with what they are thankful for….and a Thanksgiving joke!

Game Night– Virtual Pictionary (or Heads Up)

And just to make sure that this all actually turns out fun, she’s researched some tips and tricks to make sure it runs smoothly….

Designate a host.This person will not only set up all the links but will also be the “tech captain” to help your less-tech-savvy relatives figure it all out.

Keep it short. Set start and end times in advance so that things don’t drag on. Event planners recommend about an hour or 2 max. After that, it’s not fun. Also, keep your virtual Thanksgiving guest list under 20 if possible. The more guests you have, the more complicated it gets.

Dress up.You are still inviting people to your house for dinner…even if it’s just virtually. Get out of your sweatpants and be party ready! If you really want to be the hostess with the mostess, mail your guests some items in advance…like a homemade dessert, a bottle of champagne, a cocktail kit, or custom T-shirts.

Have a plan. This isn’t a free for all. People will get bored. Plan out everything from toasts to a family game to do together.

Don’t forget the virtual family photo! Sure it’s weird to take a family photo on zoom…but it will make you laugh when you look back at it in years to come.