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PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (08/02/21)


Alexis is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: Spider-Man day happens every year on the Anniversary of his first appearance in a 1962 comic book…. and today I have four facts about Spidey and you’re going to have to discuss each one… and figure out if it’s fact or….fiction. You’ll have 30 seconds… are you ready?

Fact #1: During production of the Spider-Man movies in the early 2000’s, shooting was shut down after Tobey Maguire demanded a Spider suit that he could go to the restroom in without completely taking off. Fittings and designing of a new suit took weeks before they could start shooting again. Is that fact TRUE or FALSE?

Fact #2: In 1976 Marvel and Planned Parenthood teamed up for a comic, where Peter Parker fought against an evil alien that was deliberately misinforming the planet’s teens about the repercussions of pre-marital relations.Is that fact TRUE or FALSE?

Fact #3: Many Famous actors have played the role of Spider-Man over the years… including: Tobey Maguire & Tom Holland… but did you know SONY has been holding on to a Spider-man script written for ONE SPECIFIC ACTOR… who HAS turned it down 20 years in a row… and… that actor would be: Macauley Culkin. Is that fact TRUE or FALSE?

Fact #4: Spider-Man has teamed up with everyone over the years in his comics, from Superman to the Transformers… but maybe his strangest pairing, was when Stan Lee had him join forces with the entire cast of Saturday Night Live! to defeat the Silver Samurai. Is that fact TRUE or FALSE?