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PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (09/09/21)


Alexis is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: Tonight is the opening game for the NFL season so for your Shock Collar question we’re going back…way back to 1958, when NBC was broadcasting the VERY FIRST championship game. (It was not called the Superbowl at the time). 45 million people tuned in to watch Colts Vs Giants and what’s interesting about the broadcast was that towards the end of the game, the supervising producer was forced to make a quick decision. He sent an employee onto the field to pretend to be a drunk & rowdy fan, in order to delay the game.

The employee managed to elude several police officers for a couple of minutes before finally being tackled and hauled off. After that, the game continued and NBC was extremely grateful for his effort. Tell me why did NBC send an employee onto the field to pretend to be drunk to delay the game?