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PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (09/16/21)

ship in the sea

Brooke is wearing the Shock Collar this morning!

Today’s question: On THIS DAY in 1620, English Colonists boarded the Mayflower & set sail for America…where they would eventually create the settlement of Plymouth, Massachusetts. Some died & many were sea-sick the entire voyage. And morning show fun fact: Jose DOES plan to reenact it for everyone, in the upcoming months. We are just waiting on the old boat rental guy to get back to us.

But today’s Shock Collar Question is all about the Mayflower & their journey. I’m going to ask you FOUR questions. You’ll have 30 seconds a piece to discuss before I need an answer.

1. True or False. Brooke is REALLY a descendant of a passenger aboard the Mayflower?

2. How many months was the Mayflower’s voyage across the Atlantic?

3. Originally, the Mayflower set sail with a 2nd ship, that had to turn back due to leaks. What was the OTHER SHIP called: The Endeavor? The Mary Thomas? Or Speedwell?

4. Meals aboard the Mayflower were nothing to celebrate. Cooks ran out of fresh food just DAYS into the journey, and passengers had to eat several unsavory things to survive. Which food did the passengers NOT eat aboard… Moldy cheese, chicken feet, hard biscuits, cow tongue.