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PODCAST: Shock Collar Question of the Day (10/07/21)


Today’s Shock Collar is a first of it’s kind…We’ve never done it before, and who knows…we may never do it again.

So every one in this room will get a multiple choice question. You’ll have 30 seconds to discuss it by yourself with NO ONE ELSE. Right after you submit your final answer, I will tell you if you’re safe or if you’re in line for the shock.

If the entire room gets all the questions correct, then I will take the jolt.

Alexis- Barack Obama was first elected President of the United States in what year? 2008? 2010? or 2012?

Brooke- When did the Jonas Brothers make their comeback to the music world? 2008? 2010? or 2012?

Jose- A La Cresy is a French dish, made with what? Apples, carrots or potatoes?

Jeff- What is the national flower of Scotland? Heather, Gorse, Bluebell or Thistle?