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Phone Taps - Binge listen to the MOViN Phone Taps you hear Weekday Morning's on the 20's on MOViN 92.5, Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station! Home of Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning, on-air weekdays from 6AM-10AM. We promise you'll laugh!

Phone Taps

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Computer Virus

 Jeffrey calls a guy who recently dropped his laptop off at a repair shop to have it cleaned of viruses… But the attendant behind the counter might be a little under the influence…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dumber Plumber

Jose calls a man who’s in DESPERATE need of a plumber… But Jose’s forte isn’t fixing problems…He’s better at making small ones REALLY big!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Job Interview

Jeff calls a man who’s parents want him to move out of the house, but he’s been waiting for the day he becomes a reality TV STAR….So Jeff is about to make BOTH dreams come true!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Moving Mishap

Jeffrey calls a man who hired movers to pack up his belongings in a VERY specific way… But of course they DIDN’T… In fact, they didn’t even go to the right house!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Plant Parent

Brooke calls a woman who recently purchased a lot of plants from a nursery and accuses of her being the worst thing you can be… A BAD PLANT PARENT!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Tina Fey Likes Peanut Butter

Brooke calls a man who’s been falling asleep at work… He’s about to find out that his co-workers filed complaints about the dirty little SECRETS he’s been sharing when he SLEEP TALKS!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Behind The Snap

Jeffrey calls a restaurant to make a reservation for a “popular” celebrity… The waitress doesn’t recognize the name, but he won’t stop until she’s convinced he’s the BIGGEST STAR in the SNAPPING industry!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Wedding Ring

Brooke calls a man who ate at a restaurant last night because it turns out he ATE someone’s ENGAGEMENT ring… And they’re gonna need that back!

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