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Phone Taps

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap: Daycare Dilemma

As a parent there’s nothing more precious than seeing your child achieve new milestones. So today, Brooke is calling a daycare to accuse them of STEALING those memories from her!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Disney Plus Plus

Jeff is offering today’s Phone Tap victim a complimentary UPGRADE to a popular streaming service… It’s after she agrees to it that he explains what she’s REALLY getting….And she’s suddenly…

Phone Tap PODCAST: 30 Year Streaming Package

Don’t you hate when you forget to cancel a free trial before they charge your card? Today’s Phone Tap victim is one of those people and we’re gonna ruin their…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dope Tikulitus Tours

Jose is introducing himself to his new boss at a Tour Bus Company, and he’s being completely upfront about his rhythmic and funky condition called “Dope Tikulitis.”

Phone Tap PODCAST: Rolando Massage

Rolando is back for another Phone Tap! Today, he calls the husband of a woman who is scheduled for a massage at Rolando’s Parlor and he wants to go over…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bank Candy

Brooke is posing as a banker and calling a customer to accuse him of a heinous crime: stealing free candy! HOW DARE HE… He’s about to pay the ultimate price.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Car Apartment

Today’s Phone Tap victim had their car stolen… But GOOD news: We found it! BAD news: Someone’s living in it! Sorry about that…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Sand Sheriff

Jose calls from the Parks Department DEMANDING answers about one woman’s trip to the beach….Stealing sand from the beach is a CRIME and she is GUILTY!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dryflix Streaming Cleaners

You’ve heard of subscription streaming services, but what about ‘subscription cleaning services?’ Today’s Phone Tap victim needs a suit laundered quick, but we have some money to collect first…

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