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Phone Taps - Binge listen to the MOViN Phone Taps you hear Weekday Morning's on the 20's on MOViN 92.5, Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station! Home of Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning, on-air weekdays from 6AM-10AM. We promise you'll laugh!

Phone Taps

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dog Day Tuesdays

Brooke poses as HR to tell a guy that he’s about to have a new boss… And he’s familiar with the name… Probably because he broke up with her about…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Rolando Career Day

Today’s Phone Tap victim is a teacher who is desperate to have some student’s parents speak at career day. She’s in luck because Rolando is free that day to delicately…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Kleptos For Christ

Jeff is calling an electronics store and confessing to shoplifting. He’s not gonna bring the stuff back, but confessing should make everything okay, right?

Phone Tap PODCAST: Instacartastrophe

Today’s Phone Tap victim just wanted her groceries delivered, but with Jose on the job, she’ll probably be better off destroying them rather than eating them.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Community College Problems

We’re calling admissions for a community college and Brooke is going to try and get some special treatment for her son, Jose, who is failing all of his classes…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Party Bus Secret

Today’s Phone Tap victim just had his bachelor party and things got pretty CRAZY… But his memory is a little fuzzy… Can we convince him he forgot about a CRIME…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Almost First Class

We’re bumping today’s Phone Tap victim out of first class, but on the bright side he gets to try Brooke & Jeffrey’s new selection of “ALMOST First Class” options!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Airline Seating Surprise

Today’s Phone Tap victim has an upcoming flight and is about to find out she’s been BUMPED….. BUT… She’ll be upgraded to a seating class we’ve created! We have a…

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