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Phone Taps - Binge listen to the MOViN Phone Taps you hear Weekday Morning's on the 20's on MOViN 92.5, Seattle's #1 Hit Music Station! Home of Brooke & Jeffrey In The Morning, on-air weekdays from 6AM-10AM. We promise you'll laugh!

Phone Taps

Latest Episodes

Phone Tap PODCAST: Sperm Return

Brooke calls a man who made a donation at a fertility clinic… He thought he was making some quick cash… But there’s some jarring news about his sample!!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Football Coach

Jeffrey calls a youth football coach after parents complained the sport was too dangerous and aggressive… He has some new rules that are SAFE and kid-friendly that he’s sure the coach will love!!

Phone Tap PODCAST: 30 Percent Cousin

Brooke is calling a man who did an at home DNA test to give him a warning…His results are in, but there’s something VERY concerning about his ancestry! Hear it in the Phone Tap!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Possum Adoption

Jeffrey is calling a man who recently adopted from a shelter to let him know the animal was just dropped off…But instead of a cat, he’s getting Lucifer, the rabid possum!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Uber Eats

Jose poses as an Uber Eats driver and is calling a customer to tell him there’s going to be a slight DELAY… But he WILL deliver this food, even if his life depends on it!!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Chef Can't Cook

Jose is calling the owner of a diner that is away on vacation. When he left, Jose got hired… And things are going HORRIBLY WRONG!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Egyptian Anniversary

In today’s phone tap, Jeffrey calls a woman in charge of her parents anniversary party to let her know the expenses are A LOT higher than expected… But there’s a REALLY good reason why!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bachelor Party

Jeff is calling the best man of his friends upcoming wedding…And lucky for him, because Jeff nominated himself as the CO-BEST MAN, and he’s got some big plans!! 

Phone Tap PODCAST: Dump Truck Changes

Jose calls a man who’s been filing noise complaints about his neighborhood garbage truck… And he’s got some creative solutions to stop the noise!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Ex-Wife Advice

Brooke is calling a newly engaged woman and pretending to be the ex-wife of her future husband. She’s got a lot of advice to pass on and some serious warnings. Listen in the Phone Tap!

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