Brooke & Jeffrey’s Second Date Update

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Codeword: Seatbelt

We’ve got a MYSTERY on our hands… Today’s caller received a text from his date saying one thing… “SEATBELT”… He can’t get another date with her until he figures out…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Movie Rules

Setting ground rules for a first date is pretty normal…. But the woman in today’s date may have taken things TOO FAR. Her rules were SO EXTREME that it led…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Missed Kiss

Today’s caller says NOT ONLY is he amazingly good looking, but he’s an incredible listener and planned the PERFECT date.. So why isn’t he getting a call back?

Second Date Update PODCAST: Dumpster Dive

Joey described his date as “smelly,” “trashy,” and a” gasoline infused dumpster fire”…. That’s right, they ended their night in one of the most DISGUSTING places you can imagine!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Calves Problems

The woman calling today claims her date completely MISJUDGED her… He caught her doing something that she swears was totally INNOCENT… Can we convince him?

Second Date Update PODCAST: Ex-Flash

Is it possible to fall for someone who has a completely different sense of humor than you do? Justin claims his jokes are HYSTERICAL, but his date found them extremely…