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Second Date Update: Dumpster Dive

The guy in today’s Second Date described his date as “smelly,” “trashy” and a “gasoline-infused dumpster fire” and none of those descriptions are figurative!

Second Date Update: Ex-Flash

Is it possible to fall for someone who has a completely different sense of humor than you do? If it’s possible we’re gonna do our best to try and help two of our listeners overcome it in a Second Date!

Second Date Update: Dude, Where's Her Car?

One of our listeners felt comfortable letting her date do something that some couples wait months or years to do… She put a lot of trust in him…and unfortunately that backfired on her.

Second Date Update: What's Your Name Again?

Brooke tried to stand up for the girl in today’s Second Date but it backfired BAD! Hear what she said and why she felt the need to defend this woman in the podcast!

Second Date Update: Hot Tub Boob Job

The guy on the phone today insisted that he send us a SHIRTLESS picture to help explain what went wrong on his date… It seemed weird but it ended up being really important!

Second Date Update: Doggy Bag

The guy on the phone for today’s Second Date got raked over the coals for something seemingly innocent he did at the tail end of his date. We need you to weigh in if it was out or bounds or not!

Second Date Update: Fearsome Foursome

What should have been a romantic, intimate setting for two… Turned into a bizarre four-way pizza party for one of our listeners… And it just went downhill from there…

Second Date Update: The Mysterious Limp

We’re solving a mystery today…. Something suspicious happened at the end of one of our listeners dates and she wants us to investigate for her!

Second Date Update: Stranger in the Night

One of our listeners says her date decided to throw a MID-DATE surprise… And she LOVED IT… That’s why it’s so weird that now HE’S the one ghosting…And we’re here to find out why!