Brooke & Jeffrey’s Second Date Update

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Second Date Update PODCAST: Coffee Shop Jordans

The woman on the phone says her life was changed FOREVER after meeting a guy at a coffee shop, which was pretty inspiring… Until we learned the bizarre truth behind…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Skincare Nut

One of our listeners CROSSED THE LINE and breached our trust! We were rooting for him….. Until he BETRAYED us… Even Jeffrey is STILL disappointed!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Codeword: Seatbelt

We’ve got a MYSTERY on our hands… Today’s caller received a text from his date saying one thing… “SEATBELT”… He can’t get another date with her until he figures out…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Movie Rules

Setting ground rules for a first date is pretty normal…. But the woman in today’s date may have taken things TOO FAR. Her rules were SO EXTREME that it led…