Brooke & Jeffrey’s Second Date Update

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Latest Episodes

Second Date Update PODCAST: Marriage Pact

David made a PACT  with a girl in high school that if they’re both single at 30 they HAVE to get married….Well the time has come… He’s single, 30, and…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Laundromat Love

Jeffrey got so frustrated with today’s date that he couldn’t keep it together, and he did something very UNPROFESSIONAL…We hope you can understand… Find out what happened!

Second Date Update PODCAST: 8 Year Test

Charlie believes he’s found the perfect solution to make sure you NEVER make the wrong choice in love ever again. He says it’s fool-proof and he explains it to us!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Tandem Bike

Riding a tandem bike seems romantic… But it never works out like it does in movies. In fact, it went SO bad for Johnny that he needs our help!

Second Date Update PODCAST: The Air Mattress

Nate’s believes his date DESTROYED something of his that he cares about dearly….We all have one question on our minds… WHAT happened to the air mattress??

Second Date Update PODCAST: No Tip

One woman did the most DESPICABLE thing to a waiter on a date night out that we can’t get over… So we’re going to call her out and find out…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Zoom Date

One woman was on a ZOOM date until “bad wifi” ruined it all…But we’re going to help find out what REALLY cause the bad connection that night!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Golfer Surprise

Even PROFESSIONAL athlete’s get ghosted sometimes…Not only did a pro golfer call in, but his date included yachts, helicopters, and fireworks… And still NO text back!