Brooke & Jeffrey’s Second Date Update

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Latest Episodes

Second Date Update PODCAST: Hate Fest

Things went OFF THE RAILS pretty quickly today…. We ended up stuck in the middle of a HUGE argument… But it’s clear who the winner was… Hear for yourself!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Bank Teller Love

The guy on today’s date was a good listener and asked deep questions… But his curiosity got the best of him, and now he’s accused of being a CRIMINAL!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Wisdom Teeth

Clarissa had oral surgery and got a ride home from Matthew while she was under ANESTHESIA…She hasn’t heard back since, and can’t remember what she did to scare away him…

Second Date Update PODCAST: CarJacked

We have an EMERGENCY on our hands… We’re Marissa’s last hope before she calls the authorities! An amazing first date somehow turned into a CRIME SCENE.

Second Date Update PODCAST: Litter Bug

One listener got caught in a bad downward spiral on his date….One wrong thing kept leading to another, and he needs our help breaking the cycle!

Second Date Update PODCAST: #VanLife

It only took us 5 seconds to figure out everything we needed to know about the guy on the phone today. He goes by “Cheese” and we think you’re gonna…