Brooke & Jeffrey’s Second Date Update

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Latest Episodes

Second Date Update PODCAST: Crab Man

Seth had a surprise guest show up during his date… His EX-WIFE. This obviously ruined the night…But can we help him recover?!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Camping

Kaylee went on a RISKY first date…. CAMPING…..And things got so frightening that her date sped off in his car before it ended!!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Christian Singles

Connor matched with Erin a year ago online when she ghosted him with no explanation…But they matched AGAIN and went on a date… That ended with NO call back!! What…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Hospital Hottie

Marcella’s love story is a modern day ROM- COM… It all began in a hospital when she met a man she hasn’t stopped thinking about for months! Now that she’s…