Brooke & Jeffrey’s Second Date Update

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Latest Episodes

Second Date Update PODCAST: Star Wars Date

Kurt planned a Star Wars themed date… But was it too much?? He needs our help getting a second date so he’s not Han “Solo” for the rest of his life!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Telemarketers Ball

Elizabeth was invited to an event like NO other…But she turned it down! She’s having serious regret since she found out her date is bringing ANOTHER woman… She needs our help getting her invite back!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Pee In The Car

Danny planned an over-the-top date that had a BAR FULL OF PEOPLE applauding him… It ended when Mallory was laughing so hard about it that she PEED in his car… And he’s been avoiding her ever since!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Lighter Tricks

Austin impressed Tanya with some lighter tricks on their date… She even dropped the “I can’t trust myself with you” line! Austin messed up somewhere along the way and we’re here to help him get a call back.

Second Date Update PODCAST: Doritos and Drive In

Lizzie and David have been flirting at work…At the hospital where she’s a nurse and he’s a security guard. They went on a date, and soon after, David was mysteriously fired! Lizzie has a feeling it’s all her fault and wants to find out what happened.

Second Date Update PODCAST: Chase And The Jacuzzi

Chase used his classic Tinder move that had a 100% success rate… Until NOW. He has NO clue how his plan failed, but is positive he can get Rachel back… He just needs a little help!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Shark Boy

Jamie described what she found attractive about her date… And when everything unraveled we couldn’t keep it together! This couple is PERFECT for each other… They just need some reassurance!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Shelter Date

Nathan took Chloe on a date to an animal shelter, where every dog was scared of him…Then things got worse when he decided to follow her home! There’s RED FLAGS everywhere, and now he needs help explaining himself to Chloe!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Murder Mystery

A themed party seemed like innocent fun… Until a TRICK was pulled on today’s couple! It turns out they’re in a situation that’s a MUCH bigger deal than the murder itself…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Disconnect Four

Jon has been going crazy overthinking his entire date to figure out what went wrong… But he’s just too clueless to realize the answer is right in front of him. Hear what he missed, in the Podcast!