Brooke & Jeffrey’s Second Date Update

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Latest Episodes

Second Date Update PODCAST: Murder Mystery

A themed party seemed like innocent fun… Until a TRICK was pulled on today’s couple! It turns out they’re in a situation that’s a MUCH bigger deal than the murder itself…

Second Date Update PODCAST: Disconnect Four

Jon has been going crazy overthinking his entire date to figure out what went wrong… But he’s just too clueless to realize the answer is right in front of him. Hear what he missed, in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Stargazer

Jason impressed Melanie with a cute date night, and everything seemed PERFECT… And that’s when you know something’s wrong! Let’s just say some things are better left unsaid on your first date…

2nd Date Update PODCAST: Drunk Date

Being nervous for a first date is normal, but how you manage that feeling is what really matters. The guy in today’s didn’t handle his nerves well AT ALL… Hear what happened in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Balls In The Air

The guy on today’s date is very talented…He showed off his skills on his date, but can’t get a call back! It looks like his date may be more embarrassed than impressed…Hear what happened in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Puzzled

Natalie believes Eric is the “missing piece” in her puzzle of love… Except that a LITERAL missing puzzle piece is exactly what may have RUINED this relationship…Hear it in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Googly Eyes

A first date has never had so much pressure on it… Olivia has some very high EXPECTATIONS. Can she get what she wants?! Hear in the Podcast!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Let's Be Honest or Else

Mia believes couples should know EVERYTHING about each other… She wanted nothing but honesty from her date, and pushed him to answer some questions… Things ended when he gave the WORST answer!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Lost Hotel Room

Aaron drank a little too much at a hotel and spent hours wandering around the halls looking for his date… But never found her… She was left alone in her room all night. He tracked down her phone number and wants to explain himself!

Second Date Update PODCAST: Sunrise Date

Not all dates go according to plan…Tommy planned a date at 5 A.M to watch the sunrise… And it was ruined by a rainstorm! He’s hoping he can make up for everything that went wrong, listen in the Podcast!