Textual Healing: Don't Roast The Ghost

In today’s Textual Healing, we have a listener on the phone who’s new love interest seemed familiar… And once he remembered why, it was so awkward he wanted our help admitting it to her!

Textual Healing: Got DNA

Haley is on the phone with us for Textual Healing and she’s ready to commit to her man, just as long as he does one simple thing… that might embarrass him forever.

Textual Healing: Just Blame Kevin

One of our listeners felt so blindsided by what her friend and dinner party host asked them to do, that she’s now been nominated as the spokesperson of the friend…

Textual Healing: Brunette vs Blonde

One of our listeners came to us with a problem between him and his girlfriend, and somehow his drama spilled over into the studio and started some SHOW DRAMA…Brooke’s been…