Whatcha Doin’ At Oktoberfest?

One of the biggest parties of the year happened over the weekend…Oktoberfest! So we sent Alexis and Jose with some schnitzel in one hand and a mic in another to ask the people in lederhosen a simple question… “Whatcha Doin’ at Oktoberfest?”

Whatcha Doin’ At Monday Night Football?

On Monday night, the Seahawks played the Broncos in a game the nation still can’t get over…. And we sent Jose and Alexis there before it all went down to ask the Seahawks fans a simple question, “Whatcha doin’ at Monday Night Football?”

Whatcha Doin’ At Pokemon Go Festival?

Poke-Lovers all came together to celebrate their favorite mobile video game… And we sent Jose & Alexis into the POKE-MANIA to ask them a simple question… “Whatcha Doin’ at Pokemon Go?