Whatcha Doin' at the John Mayer Concert?

One of the biggest heart throbs in the music industry, and possibly the most romantic man of all time, was in town for a concert… So of course, thirsty singles everywhere flocked over to the arena… Including Jose and Alexis to ask the fans “Whatcha doin’ at the John Mayer concert?”

Whatcha Doin’ At Saint Patrick's Day

Yesterday people all across the city let loose for St. Patrick’s Day so we sent our resident Leprechaun Correspondent Jose Bolanos to ask people “Whatcha Doin’ At St. Patrick’s Day?”

Whatcha Doin' at Comic Con? (01/24/22)

This past weekend the streets were filled with people wearing their spandex outfits, showing their love for their favorite comic book and fantasy characters… That’s why we sent Jose and…