Whatcha Doin' At Monday Night Football?

On Monday night, the Seahawks played the Broncos in a game the nation still can’t get over…. And we sent Jose and Alexis there before it all went down to ask the Seahawks fans a a simple question, “Whatcha doin’ at Monday Night Football?”

Whatcha Doin' At Pokemon Go Festival?

Poke-Lovers all came together to celebrate their favorite mobile video game… And we sent Jose & Alexis into the POKE-MANIA to ask them a simple question… “Whatcha Doin’ at Pokemon Go?

Whatcha Doin' at the UFO Festival?

Over the weekend, believers from all over the galaxy gathered at one annual event… And Jose and Alexis were right there with their microphones in hand, to probe them with a simple question…Whatcha doin’ at the UFO festival?