Weekdays 2pm-7pm

Yoooo! I’m Huggie! If there’s one thing you need to know about me is that I’m a “Scatter Brain” and I’m sure that will come across pretty clear from 2-7pm everyday during my show. All in All… I just like to laugh and talk to people like yourself. I just like people and like to have fun! For some reason I like to say “I love your face” a lot.. even though I can’t see it when we are on the phone? Funny thing is we have little cameras in our phones so I actually can see your face! I mean it’s just the inside of your ear, but it looks very clean. 100% kidding, btw… lol

I’m from a very small town outside of Chicago called Beecher. I grew up with the same 12 kids my whole life, and I love them all dearly. When you grow up in a small town like that you learn that family is everything and they are just that…. Family! Or at least pretty close. But, I moved away as soon as I could get out of that town. Went to school in Minneapolis, MN for audio production and engineering which brought me to LA to write music for Macy Gray, Mel B from the Spice Girls and a ton of others. Living in LA at 19 was weird, like any 19 year old stuggling musician.. I was living in my car and that wasn’t very sexy! Lol So, I dipped out to Vegas to get a job on the street team at Hot 97.5! That’s where the radio bug bit me. Shortly after working my way on the radio in LV, I ended up getting the call to move to Boise for my first full time gig. Boise embraced me and gave me my wings to fly to Portland to do afternoons on Live 95.5 for about 6 years and now I get to do radio on this dope station. (Takes breathe)

Anyway, I’m a huge music fan! I tend to gravitate towards the “pop-punk, emo, screamo” type tunes, but I’m also a Tech-house producer/Dj. See scattered!

I scream in a band called Twins and I make music for a project that I call Tv_Tv all can be found somewhere on the internet!

I also have a Emo/Pop-Punk focused radio style podcast called SADurdays for the punks out there in the world. It’s a super fun show!

When I’m not on-air or producing tunes I’m a huge gym rat! It really helps keep some balance in my life, and I can’t go a day with out hitting the weights.

If you would like to know more about me… lets be homies on all social platforms you can find me @itsMEhuggie and ill talk to you at 2pm everyday on Movin 92.5