The Afterparty with Tailz

Sundays 1am-3am

With a love of music from a young age, Madison Barger – aka DJ Tailz – grew up in choir, theatre, and studying composers throughout history. Born in Montana, this Seattle based artist is now proud to call the Pacific Northwest home.

At Pacific Lutheran University he earned his degree in music composition. He also hosted his own student radio show, DJed school events, began producing electronic dance music, and even studied abroad in Milan, Italy.

Tailz began performing at Emblem Nightclub and various venues in the greater Tacoma area in 2016. He went on to play regularly throughout Bellevue and Seattle also. He holds residencies currently at Lucky Strike, Suite, and Vue Lounge. Frequently he can be found at Trinity Nightclub as a guest headliner. His mixes and remixes have been found on the radio and on DJ record pools online.

Today Tailz can be found DJing at weddings, events, or nightclubs, when we’re not in the midst of a global health crisis. He has fun DJing outside of concerts with the MOViN 92.5 squad. In his free time he enjoys playing video games, jamming out to some of his favorite music, drinking tequila with his friends, spending time outdoors, and hanging out with his fat cat Dyna. He loves having fun.