Phone Tap PODCAST: Daycare Dilemma

As a parent there’s nothing more precious than seeing your child achieve new milestones. So today, Brooke is calling a daycare to accuse them of STEALING those memories from her!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bank Candy

Brooke is posing as a banker and calling a customer to accuse him of a heinous crime: stealing free candy! HOW DARE HE… He’s about to pay the ultimate price.

Phone Tap PODCAST: Drone Reality

Today’s Phone Tap victim has been complaining about a noisy DRONE in her neighborhood…. But noise will be the least of her problems when Brooke tells her exactly what the…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Video Games

Today’s Phone Tap victim is OBSESSED with video games, and we’re using that against him by telling him he’s BANNED from our servers for being just plain BAD at them!

PODCAST: The Death Fridge

After nearly a year we’re finally going to figure out who will clean out the outrageously gross Death Fridge in our break room. Is it gonna be Brooke or Alexis??

Phone Tap PODCAST: Shingle Mingle

Brooke calls a guy who’s BIGGEST PERK of his new home is the empty lot next to his house…But the Home Owner’s Association has some weird, elderly and arguably ILLEGAL…

Phone Tap PODCAST: Video Attire

Today’s Phone Tap Victim is getting called out for her inappropriate “Zoom etiquette!” Her co-workers have filed complaints and Brooke poses as HR to lay down the law!

Phone Tap PODCAST: Bumper Sticker

Brooke calls a woman who believes she’s a PERFECT neighbor…But now that we’ve moved to the area, we’re ready to start some beef! Who’s ready to feel the WRATH of…