Second Date: Dave and Emma (Nervous Guy)

We understand dating can be a stressful, nerve-wracking experience… but we’ve never heard someone get SO worked up and anxious over one girl. One of our listeners, Dave, is dying for a second chance… and hopefully we can get it for him.

Brady (Gnarls Barkley Parody) Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

With the Big Game just a few days away, Young Jeffrey decided to make his Song of the Week about one of the most iconic football players of all time. So, instead of Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Brady!”

I’m Bored (Jason Mraz Parody) Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

We’ve read your comments… “Why does Jubal look so disinterested during Young Jeffrey’s Songs?” So instead of Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “I’m Bored” Now with JUBAL CAM!

Shut Up and Drill (Walk the Moon Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

Young Jeffrey believes that your mouth is your most important hole in your body and if you’re not taking care of it properly, you’re slacking. That’s why instead of Walk The Moon’s “Shut Up and Dance” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Shut Up And Drill!”

Sneezin’ (Ariana Grande Parody) – Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week

It seems like ever since the holidays, everyone is starting to get sick. Well Dr. Jeffrey has the remedy for that: One Song of the Week straight to your ears! Instead of Ariana Grande’s “breathin” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “SNEEZIN'”

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – In Times Square

Young Jeffrey parodies All-4-One’s “And I Swear” to reflect his feelings on New Year’s Eve w/ “In Times Square.”