Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – North Pole State of Mind

Ho Ho HOVA! You know Young Jeffrey had to do it to ’em. Instead of Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “North Pole State of Mind”

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – Santa Don’t You Hate (Chipmunks Parody)

Growing up, Young Jeffrey never got to celebrate a real Christmas like all the other kids. This year, he’s making a plea direct to Santa: Jewish kids want Christmas too! Instead of the Chipmunks famous song “Christmas Don’t Be Late” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “Santa, Don’t You Hate!”…

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – What the Hell Has Christmas Come To? (Mariah Carey Parody)

Move over Mariah Carey, Young Jeffrey has the song that’s going to change the way we think about Christmas forever. Instead of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas is You” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “What the Hell Has Christmas Come To?”

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week- Tiny, So Tiny (Demi Lovato Parody)

What does your Elf on the Shelf do when you’re not looking? That dude parties! Let Young Jeffrey tell you all about it. Instead of Demi Lovato’s “Sorry, Not Sorry” It’s Young Jeffrey’s “Tiny, So Tiny!”

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – Dinner (Michael Jackson Parody)

We’re less than a week again from the biggest meal of the year, Thanksgiving! While in years past, Young Jeffrey has sang about gravy, pies and everything nice… this year he’s getting serious about carbo loading. Instead of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” it’s Young Jeffrey’s “DINNER!”

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – I’m Gonna Dump You

Last stop for relationshipville! Dump day is the last day you can dump someone before all the major holidays hit and you’re stuck buying presents for someone until Valentine’s Day. Getting that breakup out of the way on Dump Day saves a lot of money, but it might cost you…

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – I’m Gonna Vote

We only get a few chances to express ourselves Democratically and this coming Tuesday is one of them! It doesn’t matter whether you’re blue or red, Young Jeffrey wants you to get out there and power slam your vote into the ballot box. Instead of Lonely Island’s “I’m On A…

Young Jeffrey’s Song of the Week – Haunted Bash

In past years, Young Jeffrey has been all about the sweets and the Halloween experience from the trick-or-treater side of things. This year he’s shouting out all the adults that get down on October 31st every year. Instead of the Monster Mash, it’s Young Jeffrey’s Haunted Bash!…