Whats On Your Mind? – Feb 10

Brooke has a big bill coming due, Jose had a close call, Alexis has a beef with Jeffrey, and Jeffrey can’t stop talking about JUICES! It’s time to go around the …

Animate Phone Tap: Quavo Coin

Bitcoin, Dogecoin… Quavo Coins? Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular and today’s Phone Tap victim is going to learn about our coin we just made up!

Animated Phone Tap: Baby Influencer

Jeff’s calling a stage mom who’s been waiting for her baby’s BIG BREAK, and today is the day he becomes an INFLUENCER! Just wait until she hears all of his endorsement choices!

What’s On Your Mind (01/27/21)

Brooke realized nobody has cleaned the break room fridge in 10 months, Jose spent a bad amount of money on ONE CAKE, Alexis tried unsuccessfully to hang out with Jose outside of work, and Young Jeffrey ruined a precious item in the laundry. It’s time to go around the room…