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Watch one of Kelly Clarkson's "favorite moments singing" in her "entire existence on this planet"

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Over the years, Kelly Clarkson has gotten to sing with some amazing artists, but she says the duet she recorded the other day for The Kelly Clarkson Show is one of her top moments ever — and she can’t stop watching it.

Kelly teamed up with Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile to sing “Poison & Wine,” a song originally recorded by the now-defunct duo The Civil Wars.  She then retweeted the performance and wrote, “This is one of my favorite moments singing that I have experienced in my entire existence on this planet. I am honestly embarrassed at how many times I’ve watched this.”

Kelly also included a joke on her gushing caption. Referring to the fact that Brandi publicly shamed her wife on Twitter for not knowing how to fold things properly, including towels and fitted sheets, Kelly wrote, “I’m with her wife on fitted sheets though, I can’t fold one for s**t ha ha.”

Fans approved of the duet, with many clamoring for a studio recording of “Poison & Wine,” or any duet at all. When a fan tweeted to Brandi that he’d lost count of how many times he’d watched it, she replied, “Me too. I actually can’t stop.”

Meanwhile, Civil Wars member Joy Williams approved: She retweeted the performance and wrote, “I could not love this more.”

By Andrea Dresdale
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