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Watch Walker Hayes & Kesha party in the parking lot in new “Fancy Like” video

Courtesy of Monument Records

Walker Hayes has brought Kesha along for the ride in the new video for the remix of his viral hit, “Fancy Like.”

Kesha may be a pop star but she grew up in Nashville, where her mom was a songwriter whose works were recorded by Dolly Parton, among others.  So when Kesha joins Walker to sing about “chillin’ in the deep South” and going to Waffle House, she knows what she’s talking about.

In the clip, Walker, Kesha and a bunch of friends pull up to the parking lot of a diner in LA, where they unload a truck and set up an impromptu barbecue, then have fun skateboarding and participating in makeshift games of limbo, horseshoes and mini-golf until the sun goes down. 

Of course, they also do the famous “Fancy Like” TikTok dance and drink plenty of “Natty” — that’s Natural Light beer, in case you don’t know — and box wine.

The original version of “Fancy Like” is on Walker’s latest EP, Country Stuff.


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